Sunday, 8 July 2012

£100 ASOS Blogger Challenge!

Hi everyone! 
Something a bit new today! I'm so excited to be writing this, I had so much fun doing it.

I recently came across THIS competition run by The Discount Coder Blog and jumped at the chance to create my own post about it.

For this contest, you have to scour the ASOS website (what a chore, eh!? NOT!) and put together the HOTTEST outfit you can with a £100 budget. LOVE ITTTT!

While browsing, I chose an outfit that I would totally wear and I'm actually quite upset that I got to choose it all and not actually get to buy it! HOWEVER, if the girls over at The Discount Coder like my picks, then I could be in with a chance of winning £100 ASOS voucher to spend online...*drool*... I would deffo be purchasing all of these items if I was lucky enough to win!

Anyway, on with the show!

I started off by choosing one of my staple wardrobe pieces. The basic black legging.
I don't think you can go wrong with simple leggings and they pretty much go with anything - as well as being super cheap! GOOD START!

I've recently been searching EVERYWHERE for the perfect basic tank top. I swear I've looked all over and while doing this competition I've literally stumbled across this little beauty which ticks all the right boxes. Scoop neck: Check! Drop arm holes: Check! Racerback: Check! Not seethrough: Check! Perfect! And it covers your booty which is vital for me when wearing leggings!

Now onto my favourite part...the shoes! I've been LOVING the flatform trend at the moment and because it's Summer...(ahem, is it, really?!)...I opted for these aaaamazing flatform sandals. I really like how basic they are and they kind of remind me of Alexander Wang designer sandals - just without the designer price tag. The flatform isn't too high either, which is good for me as I walk a lot and don't want to be toppling over. At half price as well, they're a total bargain! Dying.

That's the outfit sorted, now for some accessories!
As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for monochrome. Simple and chic with a bit of a twist is what I generally look for when choosing outfits. If I had hundreds of pounds to spend I'd probably now choose a bag that's covered in studs or spikes because I'm a sucker for them, but while browsing the ASOS bags section I came across this shopper which I think would go lovely with my picks...and for £20, who could say no!? I like how the colour block with the pewtery-silver at the bottom of the bag also matches the silver hardware on the buckles of the shoes I picked, too.
ASOS Colour Block Shopper in black £20

Rolling with the silver theme (and to make up for the lack of studs and spikes on my bag) I jumped on these little beauties from the earrings section in the sale. They are an absolute bargain at £2.50, reduced from £5, and are toooooootally me.
ASOS Spiked Stud Earrings £2.50 (Was: £5)

Look! More monochrome! I just can't help myself. I just feel black and white go together so well. 
I always have to have a watch on. I hate not being able to check the time when I'm out and about. Sure, I have a phone that I could check on, but with it floating around in a massive bag like the one above, who can be bothered routing about amongst all the crap we carry around with us to find it!? I chose this fancy number, again, in the sale for a bargainous £10. Simple, chic and MONOCHROME. Laaavly jaaably!
ASOS Aztec Monochrome Watch in black and white £10 (Was: £20)

Wait, there's more! That's right, I've not reached my £100 target yet, surprisingly! 

With a couple more pounds to spare I thought I'd spice up my arm candy a bit with these interesting bracelets. For a pack of this many - 20, I think!? - for just £3, you can't go wrong. I've a feeling they may pluck the hairs out of my arms though, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Also, this may be the most colourful item I've, that's saying something!

Last but not least, because it's "Summer" and I'm in England, it's a total must to fake the bronzed goddess look. So I decided, with my last £7.50, I would treat myself to this FakeBake fake tanner. Let's be honest, it doesn't look like we're going to be getting a Summer this year so I may as well fake it well!

And there we are. I spent every last single penny of my virtual £100 budget. If only it were real....*sigh*

£8 + £12 + £20 + £37 + £10 + £7.50 + £2.50 + £3 = £100

You should all pop over to The Discount Coder Blog and create your own entry to this competition to be in with the chance of winning a £100 ASOS voucher! Yippeeee!


  1. Cute outfit. I'm really liking those flatforms, think they may of swayed me into trying flatforms xx

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