Sunday, 1 July 2012

Preview of O.O.T.N.

I can't help it. I'm sat drinking water in my pyjamas before I go to bed after my first night out in ages. I use the phrase 'night out' loosely as it's now twenty to one and I'm already in, makeup off, sat in bed - blogging.

I have work early tomorrow, but I'm not really a party animal so was ready to come home anyway! But I couldn't help but post a sneaky pic of what I wore tonight. 

I'll do a proper OOTD post tomorrow, maybe. If not tomorrow, soon!
I got to wear my Litas for the first time and I absolutely love them!

I'd like to say a big goodbye to my friend from work as it was her leaving do that gave us a chance for a lovely night out. I will miss you very much! <3


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  1. I love the litas<3 I saw the lace ones on office yesterday and was sooo tempted...

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