Monday, 17 December 2012

OOTN - Christmas Party

Here's what I wore to my work Christmas Party. Photo overload on this post, hope you don't mind!

We went to a local hotel for a Christmas dinner and a boogie.
I tried my first Jagerbomb and danced the night away, pretty much sweating off about 4 stone in the process as it was SO hot inside the venue.

The dress I wore is from Karen Millen and is absolutely stunning, even if I say so myself. I adore it, seriously. This is going to be in my wardrobe forever.

I just have simple black tights on from Primark as I thought it would be cold... and because my legs are so pasty that I may blind someone if they were to catch a glimpse.

I added my leather jacket from River Island to keep me warm on the way to and from the party.

I wanted to show you a close up of the detail on the dress. How lovely is that!?


Also, I took my beautiful boots on their first airing. I bought these from Zara especially to go with the dress even though it may have been a bit black and gold overload...

They ended up being pretty comfortable, but the zips kept sliding down slightly. Butttt, I don't care because I think they're gorgeous. I'll definitely be wearing them again over the festive period.

The bag I chose/the only small black bag I have with gold hardware on it, is this clutch from Zara. Again, black and gold overload but hey, it's CHRISTMAS!

For my makeup I went super smokey. I wore Satin Taupe by MAC on the lid and Creep by Urban Decay (in the Naked 1 Palette) in the outer corners. 
I also stuck on some Ardel Demi Wispies false eyelashes.
The lipstick I'm wearing is Top Tomato Ultimate Colourstay.

I had a quick squeeze of Pudding before I went.

Hope you all are enjoying the festivities. Can't believe it's nearly Christmas!

See you soon!


  1. Wow these photos were worth waiting for! The dress, the boots, the makeup, you! Everything is stunning. Sounds like you had a fab time, it is funny that we both tried out first Jagerbombs on our christmas nights out this year (I am not sure if I put that in my blog? lol) What did you think? I hated mine, it took me over half an hour to drink it hahaha.

    I really think that is a dress that will be in your wardrobe forever, an absolute classic beauty of a dress you can wear and wear again and if you ever get bored of it (I highly doubt it) pass it on to me! Haha :-)

    Do you ever do makeup tutorials (Sorry haven't had chance to work my way all the way through your blog yet, but I probably will, I like to read a whole blog when I find one I like lol) if you haven't would you consider doing one for the smokey eye look? Or is it one of those things that is too fiddly to put together? I have no clue how people do the tutorials, I am still learning :-)

    Have a lovely Monday

    Janine xx

  2. This dress is SO stunning, you look amazing!

    Jo xx

  3. Very beautiful dress for the event!! And your smokey makeup looks amazing too <3


    Glam Mania

  4. That dress is beautiful, you look amazing.Hope you had a lovely night :)