Friday, 28 December 2012

OOTD - Spike Dr Martens & Horror Tshirt

Hi guys, 
Here's what I wore today featuring a couple of bits that I got for Christmas.

I'm wearing Up The Amp lipstick and Smut eyeshadow both by MAC.

The leather jacket I've got on is from River Island originally, but I snapped it up for £5 at a carboot sale!
Underneath it, because it's freezing, I have my green hoody on from Primark men's section.

My jeans are the Cheap Monday Second Skin black skinny jeans.

I saw this tshirt in Topshop around Halloween and was so close to buying it, but at £18 I left it because I didn't know how much I'd wear it. So when I nipped in on Boxing Day to check out the sale and saw it (the last one) for a tenner I snapped it up.

I actually love it even though a lot of you, including the bf and probably the mother, will think it's awful!


One gift (To Me, From Me x) I got for Christmas was this amazing bag. It's a simple leather drawstring bag by Yvonne Kone and it's BEAUTIFUL.

So nice to be able to distribute weight evenly on my shoulders!

Now are you ready for this? My most favourite Christmas present ever are these little beauties....

They are the Spike Dr Martens boots and they are the most uncomfortable things I've ever put on my feet, but also the most beautiful. You can see in a couple of pictures that I'm wearing some trendy slipper socks with them in attempts to break them in. I will bear the pain and succeed because...just LOOK at them!!!

And that's it for now.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are planning your New Year's resolutions. I've been thinking about mine. May post them soon, so you can all shout at me if I fail!

Lots of love,


  1. Those boots are amazing!! I want them badly right now!!! x

    1. They are lushhh! So painful at the moment though! x

  2. wow, that bag is beautiful! i thought i was pushing it abit when i paid £90 for some trainers, to me from me, but that bag's like £500?! it's stunning though!

    i didn't even bother going into topshop when the sale was on, all i saw through the doors were 12 year old girls in geek tshirts fighting over who was getting the last jumper they saw on the rail! hopefully it's died down abit next week, and they still have some ugly pieces for me, ha.

    1. Nooo, it was nowhere near that price! I sold some bits on ebay, too which paid for it :)

      Topshop here was awful. The sale was dire and I only got a couple of bits, maybe the one near you will have some better bits and pieces.

      I love your spikey bag by the way! x

  3. those boots are so cool! I want some <3

  4. Why must all the beautiful shoes be so uncomfortable? I swear there is a correlate relationship between the awesomeness of the shoe and how much it must disable you. These are amazing!

  5. love your shoes!!


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